Bug: Position keyframes~ lack Temporal Interpolation ~

I need to use Temporal Interpolation to control the speed of position change.
Position keyframes only have Spatial Interpolation, but lack Temporal Interpolation :

As a legacy user of PI (v.3x), I’ve also noticed this. Unlike the original PI, there is no graph as you have shown. Moving things spacial just stretches out or compresses the dots between keyframes which messes up speed big time.

About a month ago, I went geeky and made a PDF with screenshots of what the original PI offers, including this issue just not described as such. But as Alan said in his reply, there is a willingness to bring back aspects of the original PI, but it comes down to money and man/woman power.

BorisFX is a respected company, but unlike its reputation (a good one), it’s not Apple or Microsoft. Parallel example: for now there are usually only 4 tech support people available at any one time during business hours.

Anyway, if interested, see my post and PDF. Not a solution, just maybe some hope for the future…

[Features Request] Bring Back Right-Click/Context Menus from PI v.3X

The dots show the emitter position at each frame, which is a visual indication of emitter speed. If you need more control over the speed at various points in the position path, add more keyframes. You can also reposition keys in time using the “mini timeline” that’s just above the playback controls.

Legacy pI3 didn’t have a way to control the timing of position either.

I personally have never felt a strong need for additional position timing controls, but if you really do and use After Effects, get the plugin version of Particle Illusion (you can purchase it on its own now, or subscribe monthly – it’s quite inexpensive – and then use an After Effects null object or light to control the position of the emitter.


If you

It’s kind of backwards and strange when all the other parameters have the Temporal Interpolation but only Position keyframes lack the Temporal Interpolation. Request you to consider adding it. Temporal Interpolation should be the basic feature of all Parameters.


Truth is I didn’t think or know that this function was called temporal interpolation, all I know is that I found it a lot easier to make my particles path of movement over time and screen in v.3. But then I’m having trouble getting used to the over BBC GUI.

That said, I did upgrade my Vegas Pro to BCC - I only really wanted PI so I could put footage or stills underneath the particles, but for USD $100 more, I got the whole Continuum suite.

That said, my system is not handling PI in Vegas due to my system specs. I don’t have the kind of cash to do a GPU upgrade at this juncture, so for now I can’t use PI as I’d like.

I don’t want to get into my system specifics right now, but am planning to post a query on what I cold do to get my PI going in the near future. (Meaning you don’t need to reply to this issue for detailed sys specs need to posted.)

I just wanted my new full PI (free standalone doesn’t allow one to have background footage or still), and I’ll hopefully get the hang of it. :slight_smile:

You can implement it like Premiere Pro or VEGAS Effects/Hitfilm.

@SummaryActivityNot - Not sure what you mean by implement or what to be implemented… I also don’t have Premiere or any Hitfilm plugin for Vegas.