BUG report, can you investigate?

this is an issue that’s driving me crazy (and I thank all the staff for the support and help… even if they keep saying they do not see any problem!).

My zoom windows (Mocha Pro 2019 - AE CC) do NOT show a portion of the video I am working on (as they should do), but only a small group of HUGE PIXELS (about four of them).

After countless experiments (= a good amount of wasted time) I managed to isolate the problem:

• If in AE the project is set on “linearize working space” ----> HUGE PIXELS PROBLEM !!!
(screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o6drogdgjes854i/PROBLEM.jpg?dl=1)

• If in AE the project is NOT set on “linearize working space” ----> everything fine
(screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/y28suv631ok0sc1/NO-PROBLEM.jpg?dl=1)

Could you confirm? Can anybody do a small test on a Mac?
Actually “linearize working space” is quite important for a lot of task (related for example to C4D)
Can you help me?
Is it a BUG (actually not a small one… for me at least)?

Hope to hear from you asap
PS: same problem on 3 different retina MacBoook (Mocha Pro demo version AE)

Thank you for letting us know, we will look into it!

You genius! We’ve been trying to find the cause for this bug for months and could never reproduce it.
Now we have a lead on it we can look into fixing the problem after the next patch update is out.

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Thank you guys! I love Mocha and I am proud to be one of its users!

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