Bug Report: can't get fine movement of planar surface with mocha pro 2019

since the addition of Shift+move planar surface to scale it, it seems I have lost the feature of Ctrl+Shift+move planar surface to make finer control.


  1. in 2018, create a layer and add a planar surface, move with Ctrl+Shift to make accurate placement.
  2. try this in 2019.

hopefully there’s a new shortcut for this?


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Have you checked your keyboard shortcuts preferences? You should be able to set them to whatever you prefer, please go to file>keyboard shortcuts.


in mocha 2019 , Ctrl+Shift dont work for planar surface corner prescise moveing animore . how fix this ?

You need to go into your keyboard shortcuts menu and manually set it to whatever setting you prefer.

Find them under File>Keyboard shortcuts


I mean Ctrl+Shift+Left Mouse Button for planar surface corner slow down movement . can you say the name of this position in the shortcuts menu

Ah! You’re right, this functionality has been accidentally been removed with the new control for the surface.

The shortcut still works for control points, however.

I’ll file a defect to have it fixed in a later build.