Bug Report - FX Browser cancel button - Continuum 2021.5

When used in conjunction with the Title Studio plugin, the Cancel button in the FX Browser UI doesn’t function as expected.
Steps to take to reproduce the bug:-

  1. Change the text (which I’ll call the original text) in the text input box and click Insert Text. This changes the text in the preview window to that entered into the text input box (which I’ll now call the edited text).
  2. Now click Cancel. The UI returns to the NLE where the title shows the edited text. Not expected behaviour. Expected behaviour is that the title should revert to the original text that was there before the newly entered edited text. Expected behaviour because of the label Cancel.
  3. Go back into the FX Browser and the text in the text input box is now the original text string.
    Conclusion - the cancel button cancels the text input in the FX Browser UI, but not in the host NLE.
    See the attached video.