Bug Report - FX Browser - Continuum 2021.5

The Preset window search function doesn’t work as expected. A search carried out from the root folder with a text string should return all presets that contain only that text string. However, my tests show that, not only are presets returned that contain the search string, but presets are also returned that are located in folders whose name contains that search string.
Steps taken to make the issue more apparent.

  1. Create a folder under the root folder and name it ‘01 Custom Presets’.
  2. Under that folder, create another two folders named ‘01 Main Titles’ and ‘02 Lower Thirds’.
  3. Save 2 presets in the ‘01 Main Titles’ folder and name them ‘01 Main Title’ and ‘02 Main Title’.
  4. Save 2 presets in the ‘02 Lower Thirds’ folder and name them ‘01 Lower Third’ and ‘02 Lower Third’.
  5. Return to the root folder and carry out a preset search using the text string ‘01’.
  6. You’ll find that all four presets are returned in the search, even though two of them do not contain the search string (see attached image).
  7. This is because the search is carried out on the folder names as well as the preset names. In my humble opinion, this is not expected behavior for a search function.