Bug Report - long hang times

I’m not sure if this is a problem with Mocha or my machine. Mocha standalone and OFX inside of Nuke will hang for almost exactly one minute when opening, saving, and some other times I don’t see a pattern to yet. I saw Type: OpenCL error Code: (-38: CL_INVALID_MEM_OBJECT) in the log so I turned off GPU but it hasn’t seemed to help. I also tried rebooting.

I have an old install of Mocha5.5 VR. Could that cause any conflicts? I wouldn’t mind uninstalling that - I just haven’t found how to uninstall in on Linux.

This is on an HP Z840 running CentOS 7.2, NVIDIA P6000 graphics card.

Log attached.imagineer.txt (126.2 KB)


I should also mention that this machine of off-line at all times. I was wondering if it is checking for updates. I turned that off in preferences but it still says :

Checked for software updates: Success
Failed to check for software update (The host name lookup failed)


Can you give v6.0.2 a try? We corrected a bunch of GPU memory issues in this version.

I was able to upgrade the standalone to 6.0.2 but not the OFX. The standalone seems to open faster but loading or creating a project still seems to hang. For example, opening a current project, open Mocha is instant, choose a recent file the progress bar in the upper right goes to 84% and sits there for about 50 seconds. Once the project gets going it seems to be normal. With the previous version, it would periodically hang while working. That hasn’t happened yet, I’ll let you know if it does. I have turned GPU back on.

New project is normal up until you hit “OK” in the new project window. It takes about a minute to get a picture up and be able to work. Then it appears to go back to normal.

The worst offender is S_Mocha in Flame which is not usable the way it is now. I convinced someone else on flame to try the standalone version. They are planning to instal it today so I will see if they have the same hanging problem. But that is also the machine that already has Sapphire and they are having the same issues with S_Mocha that I am.

If someone can remind me how to install the OFX version I will test that out.



After spending some time with 6.0.2 I’m finding that it hasn’t really improved the long hang times on CentOS 7.2. I have even had two times where exiting the OFX plug-in back to Nuke hung for over 10 minutes and I had to kill Nuke.

Does anyone have any ideas to try to improve this?

Is anyone else seeing similar behavior on CentOS?



Thanks for the update Brian, i’m getting QA to check Centos 7.2 to see if they can reproduce the same issues.