Bug Report | Mocha Pro 2019 dpx detection and gamma still incorrect

I thought this had been fixed ages ago but it still seems to be broken so here it is …

Mocha Pro 2019 does not autodetect and interpret dpx Log files correctly.

  1. Open Mocha > New Project >select dpx format image seq. Kodak LAD Marcie standard used.
  2. Open Clip Colorspace Tab
    RESULT: Cineon Log Format is not autodetected.
  3. Change Colorspace > Log
    RESULT: Image / Display is Gamma crushed - Gamma slider is set to “0.6” - this is the correct “value” per the specs but it is being applied to the image “incorrectly”
  4. Change Gamma value to (1/0.6) 1.66.
    RESULT: Image / Display Gamma is correct - matches any other industry standard software that supports dpx cineon log format, Nuke, Fusion, RV, etc

NOTE: Increasingly seeing productions use and require “16bpp” CIneon Log since it’s standard part of dpx space - should probably test against that as well.ScreenGrabs.zip (4.2 MB)
ScreenGrabs.zip (4.2 MB)

Hey Andrew,

Can you shoot my email a test sequence? A single frame would do.
While we could generate our own, it would be handy to have a sample of what you’re using in production so we can make sure we’re addressing and QA’ing the exact parameters.

Ok - will do tonight.