Bug Report Mocha Pro OFX & Nuke

Naming track layers with some characters such as “Wig - Copy” etc breaks functionality in Nuke as the when brought back into Nuke the Tracker looks okay but is actually unusable as it cannot be used to produce working corner pins.

They can’t be renamed either.

This might be a Nuke problem or may be an OFX snafu but in case Mocha is in charge of trapping the characters used it would be good to replace it there as duplicating layers inside of Mocha automagically inserts the " - " character.

Oh, that’s sounding like a bug we will need to explore. Are you able to duplicate the issue on other files?

Yes I wash just able to report on another shot.

Repro Steps:

  1. Add Mocha Pro to Footage in Nuke.
  2. Launch Mocha > Track feature.
  3. Duplicate Layer
  4. Copy / Paste both layers back into Nuke as Trackers.
  5. Make “linked” Corner Pins from both Trackers.
    Result: The first layer should work correctly with proper tracking data reflecting what was tracked. The duplicated version should generate the Corner Pin but fail to link the knobs and leave "0’s_ in the corner point knobs.

Let me know if you want more.


Thank you, that helps!

Thanks Andrew.

It seems that Nuke cannot create a linked expression to the corner pin with the “-” in the name. I assume that’s because it’s a reserved value in the scripting.

This could honestly be rectified on either end: Nuke should handle nodes with minus symbols and we should be sensitive to Nuke’s current limitations.

I’ll contact the Nuke team and discuss with them. In the meantime, the only workaround is to just remove the minus symbol from the node name before creating the corner pin.

I’ve looked into this and it’s a Mocha bug; Nuke’s rules are clear. @martinb please open a ticket for this so we can fix it in the next release. We’ll replace any invalid characters with underscores. The rules are:

Valid names start with a letter or underscore and may only contain letters, digits and underscores.