Bug Report - Mocha Pro OFX remembering cached clip duration from previous launch

This may be a Nuke/OFX bug as well.

A new instance of Mocha Pro OFX replacing a previously used Mocha node remembers the input duration of the previous clip even if that is no longer valid.

  1. Launch Nuke, import mov clip, add retime node to force start frame of mov to 1001, set globals appropriately.
  2. Launch Mocha, do some tracking, save the project export the tracker, do work.
  3. Save Nuke project as a new project, different name. Delete old source mov and replace with a new different duration clip. set globals appropiately.
  4. Delete old Mocha node add new one and launch.
    Result: Mocha sees and indicates the duration of the previous clip.

Nuke 12.0v5, Mac OS Sierra, MacPro 2013 64Gb Ram 2 x D700 8 Core Xeon E5.


Andrew Mumford

Addendum: Just confirmed this does not happen after relaunch but I would have expected Mocha to parse the input stream and determine min/max frange at least each “new” instance if not each launch.

Thank you, I will let @MartinB know and we can do some tests.

Duration in mocha is always based on the clip duration, so this is odd.

Are you using the same retime node? Because it doesn’t look like that updates until you double-click on it. Once I double-clicked on the retime node, the Mocha duration was correct.

You must have sent this email to the wrong person. I was having trouble with Lens fakre ( Sapphire) not being authorized, even though I gave my key and had it register over the internet with no errors.

These aren’t emails, you’re getting an email notification for forum posts you’re following.


I will look the next new script I start - however I have already replaced the source clip and reset my globals after playing through the clip viewing thru the retime so I would have expected anything downstream to have seen an update even without opening the nodes control’s by the time I launch Mocha again ?

Ah - yes I can see Nuke getting it wrong as well, my bad - so sorry. Solidly a Nuke bug although still a bug,



Andrew Mumford

No need to apologise, I was also very much confused by the antics there.
A reported bug means now anyone with the same issue has a solution! :slight_smile: