Bug with Removing Tool - GPU Not supported

Hi, after days & days i finally found out why the Remove Tool wasnt working -
My PC has 2 Nvidia gtx 2080 - Tracking works fine but - when i click Render to Remove something nothing happens.

After I turned off the GPU acceleration it worked - But waaaaaaay slower as with GPU it took me 1.5 Hours to remove 4 Logos…

@Boris Team - Do you know about this Bug and when will you fix it? My Company payed a lot of money for this Tool and now it does not work properly.

Afaik, they are on it as we speak. I had the same problem, and - like i told you on facebook - thought your issue might be gpu related. maybe you want to post your logs here - curious if its the same issue.

But how could it be a gpu issue if this is one of the newest and most common GPUs on the marked?

@ish because software is complicated and on a PC the possible combinations of hardware and software that a user might have are nearly endless.

Speaking of one of the elements are you and @joachimbischof12 using the latest Studio driver, or the game driver?

@michaelh using the latest studio driver, Quadro RTX 3000. issue was confirmed by the BorisFX Team.

I think i have the game Driver…does it matter?

I think i have the game Driver…does it matter?

My understanding is that Studio drivers are more stable for video editing etc. From Nvidia’s website re the difference between Game and Studio drivers:


Whether you are playing the hottest new games or working with the latest creative applications, NVIDIA drivers are custom tailored to provide the best possible experience. If you are a gamer who prioritizes day of launch support for the latest games, patches, and DLCs, choose Game Ready Drivers. If you are a content creator who prioritizes reliability for creative workflows including video editing, animation, photography, graphic design, and livestreaming, choose Studio Drivers. Do a little bit of both? No worries, either can support running the best games and creative apps.

Give the studio driver a shot. Except for the release this past May, it’s always been more stable for the apps I use.

You may also want to give a driver cleaning a try. It can make a difference on machines that have a few years worth of app, OS and driver install history.

I need to uninstall them with the tool and then get the Studio Drives?

Update installs for both Nvidia and AMD offer the choice of a ‘clean install’ which removes the previous build/s and then clean installs the new build, though sometimes you might have to open a Twistee to find that option. Thus far, I’ve not had the need to first use a 3rd party uninstall program. Your choice of course.

I’ve worked with Nvidia for a decade and even they don’t uninstall everything with a clean uninstall.

Download the studio driver, clean, install studio driver.

Note that you shouldn’t have to do this every time. I’ve felt a need to do this once in the last two years. It depends entirely on how often you update software and drivers on your machine. On my new video editing only machine I hope to never need a driver cleaning.

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Fair point, and I acknowledge your long experience with Nvidia. Not so dissimilar to your experience, I think that there needs to be a compelling reason before using a ‘cleaner’ - I’d rather not to do so unless completely necessary.

Agreed. It’s a “when nothing else works” kind of solution short of a clean OS install

I changed the Driver but nothing happened -The Card ist supported but no removing with GPU

This might be related to a conflict we have been seeing with intel drivers on the same machine, we are working on a solution.