Bug with Title Studio and Sapphire on Vega Pro 17


  1. I try it without Sapphire and it’s work only on 1080p and 720p 29fps.

ok render no sapphire 1080p 29fps

  1. When i try to render without Sapphire in 1080p 50 or 59 fps (default, NVENC, Intel) it doesn’t work

render bug 1080p 59 fps no sapphire

  1. So i try with Sapphire on 720p 29 fps it doesn’t work

My config

Core i9-9900K CPU @ 3.6GHz
32,0 GB RAM

Vega pro 17

BCC Title Studio

Title Studio has been working since last update before i can’t modify duration on title i must increase duration object on timeline x2 in order to get a long title on duration.

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I found it.
It’s resolve.