Buggy Batch Marker Removal?

Hi Guys,

I have a shot where multiple (lets say 6) tracking markers need to be removed (all on one plane).

My Workflow:

  1. Creating one layer for tracking the plane (Layer 1)
  2. creating another layer with 6 shapes circling the tracking markers (this layer is on top in hierarchy) (Layer 2)
  3. creating a clean plate on frame 0 (actually I´d have to create it at frame 28 because object moves closer to cam)
  4. retouching all markers within the one clean plate
  5. enabling “Use Cleanplates Exclusively”
  6. hit “calculate” button

For some reason not every marker is removed at once. Sometimes even no marker at all. It´s not really comprehensible to me and feels very buggy.

Am I doing something wrong?

I also tried first creating a large shape for (Layer 2) and then adding additional shaped around the tracking markers on layer 2 like here: Mocha Pro Tutorial - How To Remove Tracking Markers From Your Footage - YouTube
Didn´t help.

Unfortunately I can´t post the shot due to client´s NDA.

Also it seems to be similar to this case which didn´t offer a solution:

Using Mocha Pro via AfterEffects CS6. Mocha Version 5.5.2. build 13566

Hopefully someone can help! Seems like a very strange behavior.

Hi there,

Take a look at your background track with the surface and grid tool turned on. Does that track cover one plane? Does the track stick to the plane perfectly?

If you’re removing over multiple planar surfaces, you need multiple tracks, and they must be rock solid to remove the objects.

Hi Mary,

all the tracking markers are only on one planar surface.
So I only tracked one plane. Surface/grid aligns perfectly.

Can you privately email me a screen shot so you’re not sharing it publicly? Or relink the clip to a blurry clip of the same project in an email? I am going to have a hard time diagnosing what you did incorrectly without seeing it. Alternately, you can email me your teamviewer information and I can remote in and show you.

mary p at boris fx dot com.