Bugs Bugs Bugs,

the technic is unbelievable good but the software is so buggy.
Please develop. Please

Hi vaughn,
If you have bugs to report, please send us a support case via the website and be specific about the steps to reproduce the problem. This will help us to eliminate problems.
Please also state:

  • Your system type and version
  • The version of mocha you are using
  • Your hardware
    We welcome all critique and error reports, but in order for us to locate bugs or improve the user experience we need more detail.
    In reference to your first problem (1.unable to get surface in front of the camera), this is due to your track rotating too far in perspective or the surface being thrown off entirely by a bad tracking situation. Turn on your surface to see if the track is solid.

manual tracking and adjust track dont works together (i know adjust tracking is only the offseting of autotrack, but why)

1.unable to get surface in front of the camera

2.loose curve editor

manual track
small motion
and back manual track