[build 7.5.0] Very simple looking scene but untrackable

Hi I am a seasoned vfx artist and this is the first time I am having a problem with tracking what looks like a really simple mobile phone scene. Although I have large markers on the screen the track is amazingly off. Here I have added two screen shots, the first is frame on which the mask is added, the second is the first frame of tracking, I am amazed at the amount of drift.

The phone in the shot is an Xiaomi 9t pro, I have much much more stable shots when shooting the screen of an Iphone, which just adds more mystery to the problem.

I have added the collected after effects project.

Hi there,

Try tracking this with CPU only, when a simple track like this goes haywire that’s usually the issue. And it has happened to me before too.

Can you try turning off GPU settings in Mocha preferences, restarting Mocha and the host if using the plugin, and trying again?


unfortunately that didn’t solve it.

Can this be because of the refresh rate of the screen (of the mobile screen)?

No, I checked out your file to troubleshoot. It’s the amount of change happening to the object in the amount of time it is happening in. I increased the search area and zoom percentage and got it tracked. Please see the attached file.

phone scene.aep (165.1 KB)