Building an editable candle flame for PS composite

,just got a subscription to Optics 2022,was looking for a way to render candle flames into my PS compilations,found Particle Illusions button in Optics and loaded the standalone app on my Mac,found a candle flame but could not figure out how to produce an element I could drop back into PS,where can I learn how to use this app included with Optics?

PI is inside Optics, while PI Standalone is a separate app.

If you want to apply PI elements inside Photoshop, use the PI that’s inside Optics.

This video tutorial should get you going:

Alan, thank you so much for this prompt reply! I have now begun my exploration of PI using the many resources available on the Boris FX site.

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You can render out Particle Illusion animations out of the free, standalone application (as Quicktime with alpha) and then composite in your app of choice (After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, etc)

If you simply want to generate 1 frame for a photo edit, you can do this using the Particle Illusion category inside Optics. You can also launch the full PI interface from within Optics, but know that you can only use this to render the 1 frame. There is currently a known bug that prevents you from rendering animations from within Optics. Hope this helps.

There are tons of great videos applicable to all versions of PI here:

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. What you have described answers my awkward query precisely! Optics, as I begin using it more and more, is one of the best tools to come along for taking a photo file to the next level.