Cable Cam Remove

First off wanna say that Mocha pro is awesome and Its been saving me with some goPro cable cam footage I took a month ago.
I am through 4 shots and just plain stuck on this one.
Here is the raw shot, its been stabilized and has some twixtor in it: (
Here is where ive gotten with it. I am sort of happy, the artifacts dont bother me as I can paint those, but there are some color changes, and the first 10 seconds i just cant get the seam right, and there are hiccups along the way.
I am tracking the back hillside, middle ground, and prominent trees as they go by. The wire is in its own track in the top stack of the layer set. I am using clean plates exclusively every 20 frames, as the environment and lighting changes are enough that mixing clean plates with remove gets tons of artifacts. (
Here are the major areas im tracking:
I am just wondering if theres something I am really missing, or there is a better area to track. I am new to mocha pro and would be curious if there are any better methods to solve this.
Thank you!

Yes, interpolation at .2 starting about 6 seconds in.

Let me try to ask a less general question:
I’ve noticed that when tracking the background planes, they get influenced by the wire swaying back and forth in places, and also by faster moving objects such as stationary trees coming by camera.
Is there a way for an x-spline to ‘ignore’ a certain region when its tracking? Order wise, to get the tightest tracks, Should I start with tracks that aren’t background planes, such as stationary trees, the wire, things that move past or on top of the background, then track background planes after?

Hi there,
Are you using any illumination model when you do this? Interpolated may help, but it will be a lot slower to do the render.

Hi there,
Yes, you should track and roto foreground layers before you track background layers. If you put objects closest to the camera at the top of the layer pile mocha will hold them out of the layers underneath when they track.
That should fix your wire problem, track and roto the wire first and any other foreground object moving over the top of it and then track the background.
Mocha is a planar tracker, so you can only track one plane at a time and get good results.