Cache settings for full clip playback

I have 24fps clip of 200 frames with a lot of roto and a moving background comped in along with a few other nodes, and I can only get maybe like 20 frames or less to render and playback at full speed. Could you please tell me if there are some cache settings I need to change for all frames to render and playback at full speed? Thank you!!!

Please note that the amount of frames you can play is dependent on a number of factors: the size of the clip, the amount of frames, the amount and type of nodes used, the number of open programs, the amount of RAM on your machine, etc.

See the Playback and Caching section of the user guide here for ways to increase the amount of frames that can be played back in Silhouette: Playback and Caching

Sometimes, it is best to do a render and then reimport the clip to play the results.

Thanks Marco, this helped. I’m looking into adjusting these settings now, and will possibly just do a render on the heavier/longer sequences for a playback.