CAD import instead of Cinema 4D, is this possible?

Hi, in one of the Title Studio tutorials a Cinema 4D backdrop is imported, can this be done with a CAD file, & if so what format should the CAD file be exported/saved as?


Well we have only tested .c4d and .obj models so if your CAD application is capable of generating a file in either of these formats and if the file correctly imports into Cinema 4D then I’m sure it will also import into Title Studio.

Note that we include a few seamless cyclorama / cyc backdrop models with Title Studio that are free to use as is or they can be modified in any way you see fit.


Thanks, good to know there’s some in Studio, i’m asking because i don’t have Cinema 4D but i do have a CAD program, so can’t test it on Cinema 4D & unfortunately i don’t think the files i have on offer are suitable :thinking::unamused:
Prob an excuse to buy Cinema 4D :joy:

Hmmm … I’m thinking we might be able to find a workaround to this problem.

If you can export as EPS, which I see in the list that you provided of possible file formats, then you can open that EPS file in Adobe Illustrator and export it from Illustrator as Illustrator EPS version 8 you should then be able to import that Ill 8 EPS file into Title Studio. Worth a shot. If you don’t have Illustrator please feel free to send the exported EPS file from your CAD app to me and I’ll see if I can convert it for you into an EPS that Title Studio can read.


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:grin: Sorry no Adobe Illustrator, that’s interesting tho, I’m a joiner, i make very simple vids of my work for YT, i’ve used CAD for 20yrs but i mainly use it for 2D plan drawings,
Continuum & Mocha Pro are for my own entertainment & education but I’m loving them + everything else that comes with it so i was wondering if i could utilise what i’ve got - the CAD program, but i would have to delve a bit deeper into the 3D side of the program, which i was more than happy to do but if it’s not compatible then i might as well buy Cinema 4D & throw myself into that, My other thought is Vegas which i’m using now is a bit rubbish sometimes & was considering moving over to Adobe, If i did would Illustrator do & i wouldn’t need to buy Cinema 4D as well? Thanks for your time & the offer :+1:

If the EPS out of the CAD software doesn’t work,
I’d try exporting something like dxf and use Blender to convert to OBJ.

… It would be really cool to get Title Studio to support a couple of general formats beyond OBJ that are commonly used to transfer files between software packages like FBX, Alembic, USD…

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Inkscape is open-source and will work with your eps file.
And you need to find the obj export for your program; no way it doesn’t have an exporter for obj.
Blender, freecad, accutrans all come to mind as a way to get your file into Title Studio.
Using Blender, for example, you could export from your app as an stl; load that into blender; then export that to obj. A minute of time from your cad app to Title Studio.
Good luck.

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Please feel free to send me the EPS from your CAD program and I’ll see if it’s something that I can convert into an Illustrator 8 file which is the only supported EPS format for Title Studio. If it’s a true vector EPS then the odds may be in our favor but if it’s a raster EPS then there is no hope of converting it. You can send that to me here :


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I replied but deleted it because I’ve upgraded to TurboCAD Platinum 2020 which will let me save as .obj (i needed to update/upgrade anyway) so i’ll have to get back to you, but any info or thoughts on the .obj reg Title Studio would be welcome, Thanks,

This is very good news - Title Studio includes support for .obj files so let’s give that a shot. Please let me know if it works.


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Thankyou, will do, I’ve just got it installed & am having to set it up again as it’s a fresh install but once i’m up n running i’ll keep in touch & let you know how things go :+1:,

Sounds great - fingers crossed!

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Hi, If i don’t have the top box ticked it crashes Title Studio after a second or two of it thinking when trying to import, but with either just Save 3D objects as polygon mesh or both boxes ticked it loads no problem, Drawing or Selection works too, at first i thought it was a bit off but realised it’s just orientated differently :man_shrugging:, I’m guessing materials don’t travel with the file, doesn’t matter tho there’s plenty in Title Studio,
Thanks a lot for your help, i can work with this & thanks for helping me spend more money, this Continuum lark is like a rabbit hole, 1st i bought Continuum, in my YT vids i blur my van no’ plate but it was a pain moving the mask to create keyframes in my old software & Vegas motion tracking is a bit rubbish so i loved the Mocha tracking but wanted more so i bought Mocha Pro, now upgrading my CAD :joy::joy: It’s no problem tho, i’ve always known i wanted more from my vid editing software & have always kicked myself for not investing time in my CAD​:+1::+1: So in for a penny :grin:

That’s fantastic! I’m delighted to hear that you had success in importing the .obj file. As you’ve discovered, some materials do not come forward as expected but as you mention, Title Studio includes a large selection of ready to use fully editable materials that you can apply to the imported model.


:grin: Thanks, :+1::+1: Yep playing with the different shapes & materials, can’t get rid of the hills on this tho, i’ve changed the two pictures in Texture but not the main pic of water & islands, can this be changed?

Never mind found it :grin: it was hiding, Show/Hide material tracks revealed it, Exlent!

Yep, that is the reflection map so you can disable that or change it to another reflection map image. Check out the attached screenshot - it will show you where you need to change the “texture reflection” to “texture” in a pop-up window. Or you can elect to set a different reflection map for the model - TS includes many different reflection maps. Or you can disable the reflections entirely using the “disable reflection” button.

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Thanks i’ll go through that :+1: I can see some late nights coming up & things getting neglected :grin: I’m going to have go through your vids again, is it poss to mount a pic on to a surface of the object rather than it being a ‘texture’
but liking the reflection, i turned it 100%, it’s like a mirrored cube, i put it slowly spinning, very cool effect :+1::+1:

Cool, found a vid where Ben puts a name on a ball, so i created a couple of flat sheets/boxes 0.01mm thick, then using the Texture Bump i could place a pic on each part/object, :+1::+1::slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, I’ve been having a play with different shapes, simple 4 sided cubes & spheres ( & elongated spheres) work fine but more intricate shapes like a cone, in wireframe or rendered won’t load, the program just turns off, the elongated sphere loaded fine but after i cut it in half it wouldn’t load, any ideas or is there a limit Title Studio will do? Thanks

This loads fine

When cut in half it won’t load, saved as a whole drawing or as selected parts

Cones don’t load in wireframe or rendered,

Or odd shapes