CAD import instead of Cinema 4D, is this possible?

Not all .obj format models will import as expected into Title Studio but if you have some simple model files that don’t seem to import into Title Studio then please feel free to pass them along to us and we would be happy to investigate. Why don’t we start with the cone.obj … maybe you could pass that one along for us to take a look at.

Sorry, i haven’t that file anymore, but that was one of the set shapes on the toolbar so it would be easy to reproduce but … CAD won’t let me open a drawing other than from scratch or let me Save as when i do create something, it’s not behaving, it freezes with that little blue thinking circle even tho i’ve reinstalled-repaired, uninstalled-reinstalled, updated all graphics drivers, Windows updates, …
I’ll have to get back to you, Thanks.

Hi Peter, had a bad night with this CAD, i’ve totally done a clean install & it’ll still only let me save a project once then i have to start a new project or it’ll crash trying to save the same one twice after maybe some alterations, so i can now only presume it’s my pc, as you can see the top one TurboCAD 2020 64-bit is quite a big program, esp compared to my old TurboCAD Deluxe, but i saved a cone as an .obj, i left it as a simple wireframe, the simple shapes load into Title Studio as wireframes, i’ll send it through to ?

Thanks for sending along the model files - I’m reproducing the crash that you encountered when attempting to import the obj models into Title Studio. I’ll file this as a bug in our database.

Have you tried using Blender? It’s a very powerful 3D modelling and animation application and it’s totally free. Most 3D artists will have this in their toolset - you might want to give it a shot.


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Thanks I’ll have a look at that, I think i worked out the problem must have been my graphics card getting warm, I looked & it wasn’t any warmer than normal but it must have been just a bit more than CAD liked, this morning after it had all night to cool it is working fine,
If you can get Title Studio to load any 3D shape that would be good,
I tried getting a bent sheet put in as a backdrop type thing but it won’t load,i tried but it won’t load columns so it won’t load two thin sheets connected by a quarter of a column to create the curve, i;ll try it thou :joy::joy::man_shrugging:
This won’t load

It’s amazing how much time can be idled away :grin::joy: