Calculate/match camera blur?


Is there a way to calculate/match the camera blur using Mocha to track surfaces?

Using camera lens blur effect with a gradient ramp map, however the focal point/blur spot shifts; hand-matching is fine, but not 100% accurate, and for those of us that are rather fastidious, I was wondering if there was a “track-able method” to solving this.



Yes! There’s a motion blur based on the track in the insert module of mocha Pro, and mocha Pro also renders mattes with motion blur. Simply use the uber key and add the amount of motion blur you’d like in layer controls if you need it to apply to shapes, and then export your rendered clip. For corner pins, use the insert tool and render with motion blur right in the module.


Alternately, for anyone trying to match focal blur, there’s lens blur in the insert tool. But we only track motion, not focal blur parameters. I am afraid you’re going to have to match the focal blur on that shot by hand if you need to match the lens/focal blur. Don’t worry though, you can build a rough depth matte to do that in detail with mocha roto shapes if you need to in any compositing tool, or you can simply make a ramped matte and add a blur on the final object when you composite and simply hand animate the values. It should only be a few keyframes.