Camera outline triangle and camera keyframes not visible

While I can access PI camera controls and create camera animations, the actual camera display (the triangle outline) is not visible in any of the camera views. Clicking on Top view, for instance, fails to show the camera outline.

Likewise, when I create camera movements the animation plays fine but no camera keyframes are shown in the graph view or timeline. This makes it impossible to edit and adjust camera animations. This only happens with the camera (which is of course set to 3D). All other keyframes for particles or emitters show up in the graph and timeline as normal.

I am using Windows 10, Continuum 2023 with After Effects host & AE version 2023 (v23/build 59). But the issue also occurs for me in AE 2022 and the latest AE Beta.

Both of these are known issues that will be addressed in future updates and versions.


Thanks for letting me know. Hope they can fix it soon.