Camera solve - After effects 2017

How do I export the solved camera data to after effects after tracking? I can copy to clipboard, and then what?
I think there used to be a “make mocha 3d camera” option under the edit tab…but not anymore…

/Per :slight_smile:

Solved :slight_smile:

I am glad you solved it. For anyone else that needs to solve it, you need to download the camera plugin here:


Thanks Mary! I should have told what I did, and that was exactly what you just said :wink:


Wow! Why didn’t you guys add this to the manual? I was googling for this simple information for a week. Finally, I thought Mocha is just broken, and gave up. And now I found it, and now I can paste Mocha solved camera to AE, and all this just to discover, that Mocha solves camera like crap, and I’d better use AE 3d camera tracker. Sheesh.