Camera solve fbx output has no camera data in C4d

I’m on mocha pro 2022.5 and i got a good camera solve quality of 98%. I tried all the fbx exports to be bring it into c4d but none of the data is there. The solve works well in AE though. For c4d, the camera and all the nulls import but no data in the camera. What am i doing wrong?

Hello. My first guess is that it may be related to the frame offset mismatch. Are you running Mocha Pro Standalone or Adobe plugin? Can you confirm that both Mocha & C4D timelines starts from the same frame?

Hello… i have both. the plugin version has the first frame starting at 10:0624:11 but i did test export for fxb from the standalone versions and that one starts at 0. Even when both are starting at the same frame 0, it didn’t work. The only workaround i found was pasting the mocha camera back into AE while using the plugin. Change the starting frame to 0 in the ae composition and export via File>Export>Maxon C4d exportor. Then the nulls and the camera data shows up. I haven’t actually checked to see if it’s correct but it’s the only solution i’ve found that actually has the camera data.

what is the most fail safe way to export fxb to rectify a frame offset issue?