Camera Solve FBX's don't work in many apps and other bugs

Mocha 2020.5 camera solve outputs FBX 7.x which doesn’t work in a several apps which are all on most current vers - Fusion, C4D, sort of works in Nuke, but does work in Blender of all things. The workaround is open the 2020.5 project into mocha 5.6, then save out as FBX 6.6 which seems to work everywhere. Well at least you can open the files and see things w/o an error. Not sure if its an outright bug in writing the FBX 7 files in 2020.5, the other apps have issues reading that particular format, or both. So I’d specifically ask that you guys return FBX 6.6 as an option to write the file because it seems to be much more compatible with other apps. Mocha 5.6 won’t run on OS 11 so this workaround will go away soon. Keeping main machine on 10.15 for now.

Of course the scaling factor of the resulting FBX is insanely large. Import scaling to .1 is still way too big for Fusion.

ALso why isn’t an image plane setup with your media source as texture ? trivially easy in plugin since you are looking at the data. incredible pain to manually do in your compositing apps because its mostly trial and error eyeballing.


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Thank you for your feedback, which is extremely valid, we have a lot of this on our list but I will tag @martinb for the user story.

HI Mary

I had email with Martin plus shared files showing problems -

Some Follow up testing shows 7.5.0 has the old FBX 6.6 exporter which works.

7.5.1 FBX exporter is bad output for most apps I tested

getting an image plane included in the export should be easy and highly beneficial to anyone using this functionality.


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