Camera Solve for fast movement footage


i have a footage with very fast movement, mostly with fast turnings. I did several unlinked tracks (mostly 2 layers at the same time, so i can use large parallax). The movement of each grid looks fine. Nothing unusual, they move like they should, but when I try to make camera solve, it doesnt work. Mocha says it is solved inaccurate and some layers were interpreted not as static but as moving.

Is it possible to camera solve the footage with very fast movement? As i said the track itself look normal at the first sight.

It is possible to solve whip pans and fast movement, but try tracking different areas if the solver is saying the track isn’t accurate.

I tracked different areas and still the same problem. The footage is 120 frames, and the strange thing is that when i do camera solve for shorter piece of the footage, like 12-24 frames it shows the good results. I already checked every part of the footage. But when i try to solve the footage for longer piece, it doesnt work… I am still not sure should i unlink the track and have only 2 layers, or should i use standard tracking, that is the layer linked to the tracker itself… also i still dont get which parallax is preferable? Large or small. In the footage camera is almost on the same place, it just turns about 18o degree or maybe even more.

So here is the footage

none of tracking frames cross the actress.

Thanks in advance


Try a series of overlapping tracks as the camera turns, that might solve the issue.

So, I tried a series of overlapping tracks, I also put on small parallax (large parallax didn’t give any results) and it gave 95% solve quality. But then I checked the dope sheet and I saw that the camera solve layer only have keyframes for the part of the footage. My track layers overlap for about 4 frames… So why it solves only for the part of the footage?

I expanded the overlapping layer by several frames, it helped a bit. But I still have like 15 frames in the beginning and 30 frames in the end that were not solved, although i try to solve full footage… Still dont know how to force it solve for the whole footage…

You need to have about 30 frames of overlap in layers for the solve and you’re going to need at least two non-co-planar planes for each section you are tracking. If you’re not getting a good solve at the beginning or the end it may be you just don’t have enough data to solve the shot with. You can try cheating it with an adjust track on areas where you are having trouble getting the data to really stick. Or it may simply be there is not a good solution to be had with this shot and the camera solver, which is unfortunate, but sometimes you have to try different tools on difficult shots.