Camera solve ground plane

Hi, I’m totally new here, just a few hours in. However I do have a lot of experience with tracking in other programs. Boujou, blender, HitFilm, etc.

I’m trying to track a basic shot of a parking space in a lot. It tracks fine, the camera solves fine, but when I export to LightWave the ground plane grid doesn’t match when there ground is in the camera. Is there a way to tell Mocha where the ground is before I export the FBX?

Maybe I’m missing something. This video:

says the tracks can be exported to many different 3D programs but I can’t find any information on how it’s done other than solve and export FBX.

Haven’t tried the FBX export so can’t comment other than I defitinely will next opportunity as that’s usually the most reliable format going into Lightwave from other apps that I work with.

In the past, I’ve gone from Mocha via After Effects, and then use the link between Lightwave & AE. Think that’s been in LW since at least 11.x. Since others will ask, which version of Mocha you using along with Lightwave?

Unfortunately I don’t have After Effects, I do all of my editing in HitFilm Express. I have the current stand alone version of Mocha. Got it for a few months in exchange for doing some tutorials. I was really hoping to do them on the camera solver.

Currently there is no way to define the ground plane for a camera solve in Mocha Pro. This is something that has been logged as a feature request.

Mocha Pro’s camera solver is based on “planar tracking” and the adjustment of the planar surface (blue rectangle) will effect the quality of the camera solve as well as the FBX data that can be exported.

Currently camera solves out of Mocha Pro sometimes need to be “massaged” in your 3D app (or HitFilm) to orient the camera world position. The more tracked planes that you have selected before the camera solve will help this.

Maybe not the simple answer that you are hoping for. Many users find Mocha’s camera solve useful for set extensions or basic solves, but the power of Mocha is by far the 2.5D tracking out of focus and occluded areas. If you are going tutorials, I believe this is a much more useful subject.


Thanks Ross, if this does get implemented it would make Mocha huge for 3D artists.

I want to add that you can use mocha’s Insert module to render out texture grids without motion blur on difficult to track areas if your footage, this can help more traditional camera trackers to use Mocha planar tracking in order to get a better solve for what would otherwise be an “impossible” to solve shot.