Camera solve question

i have a question and wanting to know if i can use a trick like this to get camera solve for moving object here it goes.


project of moving airliner rolling down runway.


1: track the floor get good track , then track another part of the scene which is static non moving object , get a camera solve for them.

2: track the body of airplane , get good track on it , then just export that camera data out , without camera solving again.


will this work.



3: if i have tracked floor plain once and i duplicated that and select both and clicked camera solve will this work also.

Your workflow is exactly how to do this.

  1. Solve the camera with static objects
  2. Track and export moving objects (do not resolve)

This will generate a moving camera and moving nulls for the tracked object in the 3d space.

In terms of your final question, no, you cannot duplicate a tracked layer and use it as the second track for a solve. Mocha needs non-coplanar tracks to get depth and motion for the 3d scene, except for PTZ solves, which only require a single layer.

hi marting i have a footage am on it right now its not longer then 1 minute , i tracked static objects floor and background building and now trying to solve it on auto , it gets stuck at certain percentage always or takes time , can you please help me on this one how to resolve this issue , so in future i know how to fix it thanks martin.

I would try using the manual settings. If there is a fairly large movement between the foreground and background, choose “Large parallax” then choose all focal lengths and also check “zooming”.

Auto will attempt to guess via all parameters, which is a lot slower. Choosing the solve model will make it faster.

is there a faster way to get the solver going , it would have been better to have an option to create camera.

For some shots, solving is going to take some time. The solver is also not going to be suitable for all shots.

What accuracy are you getting for a completed solve?