Camera solver suck at percentage

i tried auto mode and manual mode the camera solve either gets stuck on certain percentage or gives pop up error message cannot solve.


plesase help what am i doing wrong

i tried both ways


created 2 splines track points one for the ground and one for the body of moving object , i double checked if the track was ok and it was fine , i then went to camera solver , selected both ground and object layer and selected ( auto ) pressed solved , it gets stuck at some percentage.


i also tried the same footage .mp4 it gave success lucky , but currently am trying to figure out why its giving problems with jpeg sequence.

Unless you are doing a PTZ solve, the camera has to be solved with two static layers. One layer cannot be tracking a moving object.

After you have solved for static layers, you can then export the moving object track as moving 3d nulls.

Hi there martin i have seen your videos and i want to say i love it alot it has so many valuable information for us all and its very helpfull your way of explaining is very easy to understand and its really good to have a nice person like you around to make such cool tutorials.


martin please help correct me on this question.

when you say static does that mean i should track non moving objects.

also for example if i have a scene of an airplane moving slowly that counts as a moving object right , so in this case first do i track a static plainer such as a box in the background or floor , or some building , then after that has tracked get a camera solve from them static tracked plainer , after that has done , go ahead and lock all layers and track body of the airliner after this has been tracked just export the camera data without re-solving again can this be done cheers.

Thats right.

By static I mean objects not moving in the scene. You need to track non-moving objects to understand how the camera is moving.

Once you have the camera solved with the static layers, you can then export moving object tracks.

thanks martin.


am currently working on a video footage , i rendered it out to jpeg sequence and i had no luck getting camera solve because it gets stuck.

am not testing the same method on same video footage but using .mp4 , i have tried solving before on .mp4 had more luck then jpeg sequences.


how come jpeg sequence are giving more hard time to camera solve.

The format should not matter, although if there is a quality difference in the frames you may get worse results. Were you starting form scratch or relinking the files?

i was starting from scratch.

just wiered .

i will make a video upload it to youtube and paste it here so you can se everything am doing