Can a particle/emitter spawn more particles/emitter(s) when it dies?

To be clear: A particle dies, and more particles come off those, ad infinitum
Consider some sparks. They fly off in a single streak, then “break apart” into a spread of smaller sparks.
Or raindrops hitting a surface. They hit the ground and don’t just disappear, they splash. … I HAVE seen the tutorial of how to fake that, and it looks great. But sometimes one might want to actually DO it rather than fake it. For instance in a closeup where it would be obvious the slpash is out of sync with the raindrops … If that makes sense.
I’ve been trying to figure out the intricacies of super emitters, and am thinking the solution to this might lie somewhere in the details of those.

Thanks :smiley:

Have you seen this tutorial?

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No, there’s currently no way to spawn particles other than at the emitter.

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I’ve watched it a couple times. I’ll watch thru it again, most likely. :smiley:

Yeah. That’s what I was afraid of. Oh well. Maybe in the future.