Can change duration in standalone but not plugin

In Resolve 18 (Edit page, because BFX doesn’t like the Fusion page), I added a black graphic to my timeline, 3 seconds long. I then added PI to it as an effect. When I launched PI, it said the number of frames were 1500001, which at 25 FPS, is a 1000 minute animation. Juuuust a bit longer than I want. I went into Project Settings and tried changing the number of frames, but PI wouldn’t allow me to. Since 1500001 frames isn’t even close to the clip I added it to, that’s obviously not the cause.
So I launched the Standalone version it started with a duration of 300 frames. I was able to double click on the duration of 300 frames and change it to anything I wanted.
Any chance of getting the Continuum plugins to actually work with anything other than After Effects?

I had a similar issue when adding particles to still images or adjustment clips. Converting them to compound clips before adding the PI effect fixed it for me.