Can create and use Proxies for my project?

Can I use proxy files to do a paint job and then import the original when I’m done? Will the paint still be intact? Will it replace the pixels, let’s say for instance, If i clone some areas in the video (proxy - low res footage), will it replace it with high res footage pixels?


From our documentation here: Silhouette Docs

Yes, you can use proxies automatically within Silhouette.

Also, to increase Amount of Frames During Playback…

There are number of ways to increase the amount of frames that can be played back in real time.

  1. Enable the Viewer > ROI (Region of Interest) to work on a sub-region of the image.
  2. Select File > Preferences on Windows and Linux or Silhouette > Preferences on Mac and increase the %Total Physical RAM parameter in the Cache preferences (requires a restart of Silhouette to take effect). Please note that setting the % Total Physical RAM too high could cause instability if running other memory intensive programs.
  3. In the Roto node, change the View from Output to Foreground.
  4. Shorten the length of the clip by adjusting the First and Last Frame in the Timebar.
  5. Change the proxy setting to 2:1, 3:1 or 4:1.
  6. If you are working with high resolution files in a non-Paint Float session, change the session depth to 8 bits while you work, then switch back to Float for rendering.

Note: When painting, do not use a proxy setting other than 1:1 and make sure that you remain at the session’s original bit depth. Otherwise, the cursor changes to a prohibition icon (circle-backslash).

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To add onto what Mary said, the painted strokes are recorded at the original resolution. If you then load a higher resolution plate, the paint would be misaligned. It would be possible to scale the paint strokes to a different resolution, but this will take some work on our side.

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