Can I add Particle Illusion in Title Studio?

If I can, is there a Video Tutorial for doing this?

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What type of effect are you trying to create? Do you have an example effect that you would like to target?

So you can’t use Particle Illusion from within Title Studio but you can generate text objects with TS and then use PI to work with the text but depending on what you’re trying to create, it might take a bit of compositing work.

May I suggest that you start by watching this tutorial piece : Boris FX | Continuum: Blow Text Away with Particle Illusion


Well Howdy Doody to you too! - And a much better '21 to you - oh yes…

OK, Peter, I’m learning and doing. I want to Grunge-Up my Titles. No, I’m not going to scale the dizzy heights of Text Masking, or whatever it’s called, I just want to make the BORIS Presets a bit more “organic” - yeah?

Presently I trying to adjust Background Boxes, I may include PNGs, but having a wash of say pI Fog would be greatly wished.

Erm, I’m also getting the FX Browswer to crash on me and I need to exit VegasPro18 immeadiately.

Yep, most definitely looking forward to a better 2021. :slight_smile:

So one way to add a grungy look to your titles is to add the BCC Grunge or BCC Edge Grunge filter on top of the TS effect. Let me know if you need assistance with that.

Anytime you can get BCC into a hang or crash state, we would appreciate it if you could please let us know and send along the crash log file - that way we have a better chance at tracing and fixing the issue causing the hang or crash.

Yeah, Mrs BG and I had Covid19 in March - not nice at all…

Where he be? I was thinking of misty stuff from Pi? Or have a Rusty BG to the Text to sit on?

Certainly will! I get it with the Browser thingy? But yes the Logs, where are they again?

Thank you for giving me your time!

If you ever crash in Vegas and Vegas posts its usual Vegas Problem Reporting Service dialog, hold Ctrl+Shift when clicking the “Send” button and it will point you to the ZIP file of the crash dump. Sending us that crash dump along with the BCC log file is very helpful in being able to diagnose the underlying problem. The BCC log file can be found here:


As for BCC Grunge and BCC Edge Grunge, they are in the Stylize category.


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So sorry that you guys got hit by that covid virus - such a nasty thing. I have thankfully managed to avoid that thus far and I hope that continues to be the case.

BCC Grunge and BCC Edge Grunge are separate filters in the Continuum set. You would apply them separately to a background element or a title. Here’s a link to a slightly dated (yet still relevant) tutorial in Vegas by John Rofrano where he used BCC Grunge for background and title treatment and although he’s using an imported still for the title, the same principle applies when using Title Studio : Boris FX | 'The Deadliest Catch' in BCC 9 for Sony Vegas Pro

Ah, righto! I’ve been sending them quite a few today! So I should copy them to you guys too? Yes? And I’ll do the BCC Logfile thing too.

Hah! - I speak with JR at least once a month. He’ll be tickled pink know his Toot got back to me via your goodselves. But how about pI over the Lower Third?

JR is awesome - I really enjoyed working with him on tutorials and webinars. Please pass along my regards.

You can definitely use PI over a lower third in Vegas - you might want to set that as a separate video event in the Vegas timeline above or below the Video event with the text. I created some lower third presets that are included in PI that should at the very least provide you with some inspiration for generating your own PI lower thirds in Vegas. You can access these lower third presets in PI just like any other preset in Continuum.

Yes, if the crash occurs while using Continuum filters in Vegas, please use the “trick” of holding Ctrl+Shift when clicking the “Send” button and it will point you to the ZIP file of the crash dump that you can send directly to us. You could attach it to a private message in the forum or email it to me at:
jclement at borisfx dot com


What if the problem is that launching Mocha from a Continuum effect (e.g. corner pin studio) in Vegas just sits there – not a Vegas “crash” per-se, but just sits spinning spinning spinning like a record, where we need to kill the Vegas process via Windows Task Mgr?

It is trickier to gather an error dump for a hang than for an outright crash since Vegas only shows that error reporting dialog for a crash. For a hang you can try to manually gather a dump file however by doing the following:
-Open the Windows Task Manager
-Twirl open the name of the process you are interested in and select the actual main process name.
-Right click and select “Create Dump File”
-Note the path to the dump file created and then zip the file for sharing.
-Be aware that sample files created this way can be HUGE so they can take a while to upload.


You have eMail.

Thanks for sending along the crash dump. Unfortunately this particular dump didn’t give us any detailed answers. Crash dumps can vary from run to run so if you encounter this again please send along more. That being said, the crash dump did point to the problem being an OGL issue, so I’m wondering if your nvidia drivers are up to date? That would be the first thing to try. Also if you can get any sort of reproducible failure where, say, a particular project will reliably fail, we could then analyze that internally.


Well, this is all very disappointing indeed.

You say,

That being said, the crash dump did point to the problem being an OGL issue, so I’m wondering if your nvidia drivers are up to date?

What’s an OGL issue? Yes, I had recently updated the Driver.

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By that I meant the problem was in an OpenGL related thread so likely to be related to the GPU in some way. That is why I recommended making sure your nvidia drivers were up to date which sometimes helps. It there is any sort of reliable reproducibility we could work from that angle.


Very thorough reply, and all I wanted to know was what is “OGL”.

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Ceramicist & Video Content Creator
Mob: 07803729456
SKYPE: Biggrazie