Can I change Particle Emission rate?

Hi! complete noob here
I’m working on a thing where I want to simulate a wake going around a boat.
I was fairly successful using basic emitters, forces and deflectors. Looks rather impressive.
Now here is the thing, the wake appears to be that of a fast going vessel, and now I want to do one of a slow moving vessel just puttering along using the same setup.
But other than faking it via a temporal effect to a rendered clip(limited as doing that introduces chunkiness), I haven’t yet figured out how to slow the rate of emission from an emitter. Ive adjusted forces and settings but particles appear to be emitted at the same rate
Starting with the most basic emitter, I adjusted about everything I could think of.
My question would be, how do I slow the rate of emission from a basic emitter?

There’s no simple way to do this, but I would try:

  1. Reduce the “Velocity” value. Make it 1/2 of what it was for simplicity.
  2. Increase the “Life” value. The particles are moving 1/2 speed now and you want them to go the same distance, so double the life value.
  3. Decrease the “Number” (I think this will be needed or there will be too many particles). Make it 1/2 of what it was.

I think that will result in a similar effect that is moving at 1/2 speed.


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Thank you Alan I will try it

I experimenting I have learned a new trick.
To simulate slower particle emission, I made a force facing against the particle emitter, with a small negative value. Adjusting the value makes the particles move faster or slower.
I doubled the number of frames, and preload particles
I’m getting a nice effect. I continue watching vids and I will find out more and share

Have you watched the training videos yet?

Yes, thats where I picked up on PI quickly. I watched most of them, and I’m working my way through them slower, because sometimes I miss a clue. They are great.
Didn’t find an answer for the emission rate though.
Thank you