Can I choose several sequential objects for tracking?

I have a long flight on the dune. I can not take only one object for tracking and stabilization, since it will quickly exit the frame.
Can I choose several sequential objects for tracking? If yes, then how can I successively and smoothly switch
between objects for tracking?

Yes you can, just make sure the tracks overlap. When your track is complete, select your layers and make sure the gear is on for every layer you want to use to stabilize. This should work for you.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help you.


Example of work
I tried to do according to your prescription. Unfortunately I got jerks at the crossing points. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. I wrote down a link to the video with my work at Moke. Below is a link to the original video file.!428923348538

Try tracking this building on the horizon from the end of the shot to the front? That should do it.


My problem is that at the beginning of the video I see only close objects and I do not see objects on the horizon. The building you recommend as a tracking object is not visible.

The example I sent was circumcised. This is only part of the flight. In a full clip, a helicopter flies past this building! Maybe there is a way to do sequential tracking of several objects without jumping?

I looked at your whole shot you sent, I can see the building the whole time. Is your shot longer than what you sent?

Yes, my video is much longer. This part is shown as a working material for creating an example. I would really like to know the answer to my question. How can we consistently use several successive targets for tracking without jerking on the transitions between them?

I think maybe there’s a disconnect in our communication. It’s totally fine that you’re flying over the city, track several buildings like that one across the scene and make sure their tracks overlap, and you should be good to go.

Building one: tracked 1-100 frames
Building two: tracked 80-180 frames
Building 3: tracked 160 to 260 frames

Select all of these, make sure their gears are on in the reorient tab, and then adjust the horizon to where it needs to be and you should have stabilized your shot. Can you try that and let me know?


Here is my work on your method. What did I do wrong?

Source video

Can you show an example of the correct operation of several tracks on this video?

Your tracks on your buildings aren’t very accurate. You will need to turn on your surface tools and make sure they are sticking to the buildings you are trying to track. Since this is built off your tracks, you have to have good data going in to get good data out.

You also might want to join the beta, as I consulted with the team and they confirmed we have been seeing some problems in reorient in the release version that are fixed in the beta. This might make your result a little better as well. mocha v5.6 Prerelease signup Survey

I filled out the form, the link to which you sent. What should I do next?

I added you to the group. Navigate to the sticky post and follow any download and installation instructions. :slight_smile:

I guess I’m added but see nothing as to my original post!!??

What do you mean? You’ll need to download the software from the beta forum to try and get a better solve per your post by using overlapping layers.

Re: [Boris FX Forum] [Mocha VR] Can I choose several sequential objects for tracking?
Hello John,

Thenk you!

Can you help to find a beta version of Mocha VR plagin for AE Windows version?

I have a purchased product. How do I activate the beta version?

Best regards, Dmitrij

Thursday, January 11, 2018, 2:15:11 AM, you wrote:


January 11I guess I’m added but see nothing as to my original post!!??

You can download and install the beta key by going here:

I have a purchased version of the plugin. How should I register the beta version with my code or the one on the forum?

If you are being prompted for a license in the beta software after downloading it even though you have installed your purchased version you will need to enter the beta key code on that linked page above.

Tell me please, does this version solve the problem of smooth transition between tracks, or can I try to solve my problem in another new way?

It should solve that problem, as that is one of the fixes in the new beta.