Can I choose several sequential objects for tracking?

Hi, Mary! I tried the beta version of the plugin for Windows Adobe AE.
Unfortunately in this version there are jumps again when switching between tracks.
In addition, in this version, the ability to change Horizon Align parameters with the mouse wheel has disappeared.
With the mouse wheel was very convenient. In addition, in the input fields of Horizon Align, sometimes strange numbers appear instead of zero.
In what direction should I move? Try the Stand Alon version or can you advise something else?

Let me see if @martinb has anything to add to this.

Can you send me the clip please ? The tracking you’re doing there is skewing quite a bit because you’re tracking more than one plane (ie. the shape is catching on other planes of movement), so you’re not going to get optimal results. If you send me the clip I can set up a video and show you the best way to handle this.

Hi, dear mister Martin!
I was away for several days and could not respond to your kind offer! Now I’m ready to work again.
File Sharing and Transfer - Send Large Files via FEX.NET It is link for source clip in 1920 resolution for fast work
I will be very grateful to you for the lesson on stabilizing this video!