Can I convert BCC effects to Red files?

Hi. I use Boris Red for much of my compositing in Avid Media Composer. My Avid subscription includes many BCC effects. Is it possible I could convert some of the BCC effects and transitions to Red files so that they are available to me in Boris Red as well as in Media Composer?

Hi Alan,

It may indeed be possible, but it will depend on the look you were creating in RED. The image processing filters that were included with RED were from Continuum, so you should be able to find a match there. Other things like RED generated titles can be recreated using BCC Title Studio or one of the other BCC 3D Objects filters.

There is no way to auto-promote RED effect instances into Continuum though - it’s a manual job.


Thanks Peter. Actually, after checking more closely I see that much of what I was thinking about is indeed already available to me in Red, as you say.
With respect to titles, I do all my titles in Red, don’t need to recreate them elsewhere.
Thanks for the info.

Glad I could help!