Can I have perspective tracking on by default?

Is it possible to set the tracking to have perspective on by default or have it remember what type of tracking you used last time.
Its so frustrating to start tracking and then realise that I didn?t have perspective on
Thanks for any info

Unfortunately no, but that is something for us to think about in future releases. It’s off by default because not every shot needs it and if it is checked on and it is not present in the plane you are trying to track you will not get good results.

Thanks for the info Mary
Just the option to either remember the last track set up or set what the default track config is would be very handy when tracking similar scenes.

Hey Mary,
Thanks for all of the great work you do on this forum. I was looking for a way to set perspective on by default too and this is the only thread on the subject. And it’s 8 years old now LOL. I understand your reason for it not being the default. But could we at least have it as preference to default on if we want it to? I don’t use Mocha all of the time and I forget I need to turn perspective on almost every time. The tracking gets flurbed and I lose time figuring out why. Thanks again for all of your great support on this product!

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I will let our product manager, @Martinb, know that this is still a feature request some users would like to have. Thank you!

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