Can I keep render cache

I just installed 2021 trial version and started testing with Davinci Resolve 17 on Mac Big Sur. When I apply any file, I tried to render using smart render cache. However, the red line on the timeline’s never turned into blue one. This happened because I’m using the trial version?
I really appreciate any help!

It is unlikely that this is related to running a trial version. The trial version renders with a red X, but otherwise it should be identical to the full version. This sounds like a problem where Resolve itself is not accurately building smart cache previews for OFX plugins like ours. It has been reported that you can work around this by adding and empty Adjustment Layer above the clip in Resolve and then applying the OFX filter to the Adjustment Layer. Does this work around the problem for you?


Question - does this problem only happen for you in the Edit pane, or do you also see it in Resolves Color pane?