Can I recover data after Crash while exiting Mocha with HitFilm Pro

I’m assuming that the tracking data is stored with the HitrFilm Project but after my computer crashed and I restarted it, upon opening HitFilm Pro it asked me if I wanted to save the unsaved project.

I clicked yes
…but I got the message saying that the project file could not be opened!

Is there any way to recover the hours of roto-work that I just did?

Does the Auto Save function store its’ data in the temporary cache file or is there a more “permanent” location?

Hi Micahel,

Unfortunately, this feature is not available until v5.6.0, which is out soon.

In v5.6.0 we’ve implemented an external autosave function to keep a mocha project backup if the host software fails to restore its main project file.

Have you contacted FXHome about trying to restore the HF autosave file?

Thank you for the prompt reply Martin.
That will be a good feature.
And: no I haven’t yet contacted FXHome.
Thanks again for your feedback.