Can I trash or optimize Results folder?

Hi everyone

I have a project at the moment where I’ve realised along the way I’ve created a large ‘Results’ folder, about 32GB with 32,140 files. With that many files I assume many of the files are early cache renders of my mattes and various tweaks to removes and shapes (?)

Before even thinking about touching anything, I was wondering if it’s advisable to clean up this folder, or am I about to make my life hell and hair turn grey by messing with the Results folder?

I should add, I haven’t exported out my final (remove) renders yet, and I intend to save those to a different directory.

Appreciate your advice!

Hey Gareth,

The Mocha Pro Standalone Results folder is different from the cache folder (commonly called MoTemp).

  • The MoTemp Project cache folder is for general processing in Mocha and It’s is usually safe to clear the cache from the file menu in Mocha (File > Clear Cache). Don’t check the rendered or global options though if you want to retain your rendered frames.
  • The Results folder, on the other hand, is your actual render cache. Deleting the contents of this folder means you lose any renders you have done inside Mocha Pro standalone. It is usually safe to delete the “Matte” frames in Results as these are quick to render and are used for aiding the other renders.

Finally, even if you want to clear your Results folder, we recommend retaining your clean plate frames in the folder or you will need to recreate them.

You can technically use the renders directly from the Results folder as they are high bit depth TIF or DPX files (depending on what you have set in preferences). All the exporter does is take your Result folder frames and converts them to another format.

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