Can I use snow particles for the Particle Illusion Dissolve?

What’s the easiest way to change the particles in the Particle Illusion Dissolve transition into snow particles?

I know I could keyframe the BCC Snow effect in and out, but I wonder if there’ s another way.

First make sure you have the full set of Particle Illusion emitter libraries installed since it includes many snow variations. PI comes with a sampler set, but to get the full set you need to run the companion installer (which is a free download) from the Boris FX site: Boris FX | Particle Emitters

Then from inside Particle Illusion Dissolve, hit the button to launch the Particle Illusion UI. Use the search function in the emitter library pane (probably the Grid view) to search for Snow and you will see a number of snow emitters. If any of these look promising, apply them and tweak the animation/particle count/etc. to get the look you’re after back in the transition.


Thanks so much. I never knew that!