Can mocha be multi threaded on multi cpus?

After a few months of using the mocha trial for a roto job. I am quite irritated why its performance is too slow making roto a bit hard moving all the points together. I am using it on a 1080p HD 1920x1080 footage. I tried everything like loading proxys of grayscale hd versions, and half resolution adjustments.

Here are my specs. intel Q6600 quad CPU, 4gb ddr2667 ram, raid 0 arrays, and a Geforce 8800GTX 320bit GPU.

I also noticed when rendering 40 layers of mattes combined or just one only uses one cpu power?

Can you please give me or us users what open GL cards supported by mocha to accelerate view port experience, and x spline selection or adjustments.

the only performance i see is how huge it absorbs memory. it might be cool to see a “purge cache” option for memory ,hd cache and video memory as well.

Mocha is a fantastic tracking and roto tool, but it has a lot of bugs, and slow in performance that is lacking. if this can be resolved then mocha will be a true choice of roto work.