Can Powermesh help distort connected splines?

If I connect more splines to a large spline that has a powermesh activated and tracked onto a face, will it distort the parented splines with the distorted powermesh? Or is it just tricking my eye and just using the planer surface below it?

I did a bunch of face tracking shots for digital makeup thinking the power mesh was distorting the additional splines, but then I had an omg moment: mocha is so good at distorting the planar surface, that’s all that was actually driving the other splines. I’m realizing linking to the spline with the full face power mesh can only “transmit” planar surface data to other spline layers and the mesh data must be used separately to place images only or export to other software. Correct me if I’m wrong.

PowerMesh can absolutely drive splines if I am understanding your question correctly. It can ALSO distort images as well, like inserts, and you can use the PowerMesh to stabilize for beauty work.

Ok, I think I finally figured out the spline warping secret. It seems like it must all be part of the same layer (X+). So after tracking the face with a full powermesh face track, I have to add more splines onto that very same layer where I want to do beauty work. If I try to make a separate spline and link to the large powermesh spline, it will only give me 4-point planar data. The problem with adding within the same powermesh layer is I can’t label or individually keyframe each additional spline independently of eachother (mouth needs adjustment here, eye needs adjustment there). Is there any other way to do this? I’ll send you a personal message with a screen capture.

So, here are the limitations, which it looks like you’ve figured out:

  • Any contours within the same layer will warp with the mesh if “Warp spline” is on
  • Layers that are linked to another layer currently only link the planar data, not the mesh data, so you can track another mesh without having to re-track the planar aspect of the motion
  • We are currently looking at the option of also being able to link mesh data to do what you need, but it’s a slightly more complex problem so we are working out where it will fit in the schedule.