Can set tracking stop after every 8 frames?

Hi everyone,
I’m wondering in Mocha AE, can we set to track every 8 frames, then the tracking will stop. When we press track, it runs another 8 frames and stop. So on, we continue like that until end of the shot.
The reason to do that because some times I do tracking every 4 frames, 8 frames. or 12 frames to supervise my track.

The only option you could try would be to adjust your project out point to the next 8 frames along and keep moving the out point until you’re satisfied.
Keep in mind you’ll probably want to do this after you create your layers as a new layer will set its frame range to match the project range.

In the upcoming mocha Pro V5 however you can easily use Python to control pretty much any part of the tracking process.

Thanks Martinb for your solution. I tried to adjust the out point as you suggested and find that is not fast.