Can someone explain why Mocha refuses to update the clip in premiere pro [video]

Doesn’t matter what clip I use, it refuses to update in premier. Oddly enough, I managed to get 2 clips to work from attempting the same process over and over, but now it doesn’t seem to want to save again.


It’s probably because you have time remapping on the clip (it looks like). Can you try applying the mocha stabilize as a solo effect on that layer, without anything else, and then once stabilized you can try nesting it and retiming it? Mocha does not tend to work well with time remapping generally.

Please let me know if that works for you,

Could be related to the adjustment layer as well. Mary’s advice to help isolate the issue is sound. Generally, you should always do your tracking on the cleanest source before applying any time remapping.

Thank you. It was due to the time remapping. Using your suggestion and changing the workflow fixed the issue