Can someone track this for me?

I have officially given up on mocha, so I tend to use AE’s built in tracker since most of my requirements don’t need anything more,
however, now I have to track something to a screen and just seem to get a head-ache trying to do it in mocha (since I still cannot import any footage to it, still no fix)
So I was wondering if anyone could track this shot for me ?

I will send you the uncompressed (well, canon 7d h.264) footage,
Thanks alot!!!

Awesome. :slight_smile: Can we meet around 5 pm PST on skype? I have a few other appointments today, but I’d like to get this sorted asap.

This shouldn’t be too much of a bear to track with mocha, but it will definitely be challenging. If you send me the shot I can experiment with it. user: mocha pass: 12345678
What are you still having trouble with import wise? Can we set up a skype meeting or something to solve that? My skype is mary.poplin

No problem. :slight_smile:

I think I keep missing you on Skype. Can we meet tomorrow (Friday)? I’d like to get this resolved for you.

Hi Mary,
Thank you for your reply,
will add you to skype tomorrow if that’s okay.

Added you on skype and uploaded the clip to your folder on server.
Thx :slight_smile: