Can such objects be removed using Mocha pro?


The host is after effects 2022, Mocha version is 2022.5

I will provide a little brief on how I tried it.
All are tracked using all motion models except the mesh one. First I tracked my hand holding the object, then the body, then I tracked the bg, then I tracked the object. I have attached an image of how I have aligned the layers. I used the clean plate input and remove the object but could not get the results I wanted. Any suggestions would help.

Here is one of the error I remember
unable to replace layer pixels: no active layers found behind the layer.


Turn off the processing cogs for everything BUT the remove layer.
The cog is flagging which layers are marked for removal. Layers above the remove layer are the foreground masks, tracked layers underneath the remove layer will be considered for reference.

This is looking promising but you’ll probably have to do this in passes. The background is in two parts:

  1. The greenscreen
  2. The actor’s body

So you might need to have a different remove pass for the body once the background is sorted.

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Thank you so much it worked, I am so grateful for this software

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