Can’t adjust Boris fx

When I drop a bcc curl onto timeline as an adjustment layer I can adjust curl, spread, speed, etc.

However when I drop it onto a clip, those selections go away and I can only use pixel chooser.

How do I get those adjustment features back?

Using Boris fx on filmora.

Hi There,

That sounds quite odd and unexpected - can you please create a video screen capture to show this to us?


See below photos.

First is of a YouTube video I was watching where the editor dropped curl on the clip and the adjustments were there.

Second is what I experience when I drop curl onto the clip.

Again, curl on the timeline by itself has all of the adjustments just like the YouTube screen shot.

Can you try starting a new project, add a clip to track 1 and then apply the BCC Curl filter to that clip and see if the parameters show up?


Yes. See photo.

No change.

Hi Peter any thoughts on this and how to fix?


Did that no change.

Thoughts on how to fix?

Hi Nicholas,

I would suggest uninstalling Continuum and Filmora, then ensuring that you have the most current release installers, reinstall the products. Then start a new project and see if the parameters are showing up as expected. Please let us know if this helps restore functionality.


Still nothing. Boris FX comes loaded on Filmora so not sure how I can update or uninstall that part of the program.

did uninstall all of Filmora and reinstall this am and same thing. I even tried to get creative and find a work around using adjustment layers etc but the effect is not the same as you have to blend and use opacity etc.

Be really cool if we could figure this out.

strange enough all of the other Boris FX (, wave, etc) can be edited as normal. curl is the only one effected.

Very odd alright and I’m at a loss to explain it. We’ve tested in house and cannot reproduce the issue and at this stage, I have to refer you to FIlmora support and hope that they can help in understanding the issue.