Can this mic shadow be removed?

I’m not even sure how to approach this one. But my luck with Mocha has been so far so good. Any ideas?



This mic is best removed with rotopaint hooked up to a mocha track, or you can try a remove, or mocha import+ stabilized comp and rotopaint for this. It’s going to depend on how much time to want to spend on it. It’s probably best as a rotopaint fix, track only that section, and paint it out using the mocha track and AE or nuke. That’s probably fastest. The wrinkles in the shirt make it kindof a pain for the remove module to nail (it won’t nail it perfectly).

Oh I’m not sure if you were looking at something on my shirt. I’m talking about the mic shadow that appears on the wooden board on the left side of the frame. Thank you for your help in this, it’s been a blessing!

I would do this one with a clean plate and a linear remove to help with the lighting. You’ve got a reasonable steady perspective on the board so it should be a nice clean remove.

Have you had any luck tracking the board?

I tried tracking the board last week but it was super jumpy and would catch onto every little thing in the background. Drove me absolutely crazy