Can Title Studio partial section an 3d object?

can Title Studio partial select an object , like an face, ,Eye, teeth, etc or do you have to import things in pieces to select and add colour/texture/etc?


Hi Drew,

If you’re referring to an imported 3D model in Title Studio, then the answer is yes, you can convert it into individual elements and work on each element separately while retaining the option to work on it as a grouped element.

If you’re referring to isolating color corrections etc then the short of it is no, Title Studio was never really designed with that feature set in mind.

I hope this helps.



Thanks for the info!

ok can the (ctrl/rotate) key be set to the center mouse button or can any keyboard command be set to the mouse buttons?

TS controls seems more keyboard orientated than mouse.


what about importing animation in to TS to save time, is that do able?

Thanks for info


Hi Drew,

While the Title Studio shortcuts are indeed user modifiable, I do not believe the OS provides Title Studio with control over the mouse buttons.

3D Models can be imported into TS but static only at this time, so no animation. Note that you can animate imported models while inside of TS, and that the models can be set so that you can animate each component of the imported model independently or together as a grouped object.



Hi Peter


a user interface with more mouse control would be nice or at-least the ability to program mouse controls would be nice addition to Title Studio.

being able to import key-frames Animation from other programs would be nice thou.
also importing bones too. i imported in a animated wave hand as a test, it was left static. i wanted to animate the pilots arm as he flown past the camera

i am guess you are talking about the “convert to container” ?

i imported my latest copter design which is in parts and converted it to a container, renamed things. then used independent rotation pivot for it. because that start the gizmo in a off access rotation position and you have to try to reposition it correctly( that’s not easy) to have it work right. each piece starts off access to start with

copter.blu Copy off with access rotation (2.9 KB)

any quick tricks for lining things up correctly?

an inquiring mind.
Thanks Again